USP - Stickability

Is he sticky? Was what one of Australia’s leading recruiting scouts asked me?

“Is he what”? I asked.

“Is he sticky”?

“Has he got stick-ability”?

“Does he follow through and finish everything he starts”?

Because that’ll be the difference between his success and failure as an athlete.

Having coached for more than a decade its easy to see what separates good athlete from the great.

Every athlete can make great progress when things are going will, but its when things aren’t going your way that really determines if you’ll make it.

I was having a chat with one of the athletes at THE PIT on Friday night and he’s had a challenging year.

Former Brisbane Lions Bryce Retzlaff sticking it out in THE PIT following a challenging year!

He tore the ligaments in his ankle, then dislocated his shoulder and got concussed twice.

Understandably frustrated but never ever let it show to anyone, the quintessential definition of a poker face.

But I’ve been around athletes long enough to know how they really feel inside. But through all the problems and challenges this athlete faced and his inability to string consecutive games together as a result of just plain bad luck He Never Missed a Scheduled Training Session and his enthusiasm towards training and other athletes never waned once.

Callum Carseldine has not missed a PIT Training Session in the 5 years Ive been coaching him!

I’m sure he had some doubt once or twice that’s normal. But this athlete is different, you see he has what the recruiting scouts call stick-ability.

He wont give up. He knows that each day is simply another step closer to where he wants to go and where he wants to be.

He realises that every action or inaction he takes dictates where he’ll end up.

Some athletes get injured and their focus and good intentions go by the way side when they hit a snag in the road.

Clay Cox this years Gold Coast Stingrays Best and Fairest has not missed a single session since undergoing his knee reconstruction and is 6 weeks ahead of where he should be!

Great athletes or successful people in any endeavour don’t let things derail their progress or get in the way of their dreams!

Ironically enough, it’s when you’re just about to give up or quit that a break through happens.

Few people remember that PIT Athlete Kurt Tippett shattered a vertebrae in his neck and underwent reconstructive shoulder surgery before making his mark with the Adelaide Crows!

This athlete will be rewarded in due time and is now getting ready to peak and dominate for the finals this weekend!

Want success in any endeavour, get sticky!

All the best,

Joey Hayes