Training above the neck…

USP - training above the neck

Around finals time..its always an interesting time of year…you see some teams and athletes rise above expectations and others fall by the wayside…

What is it that separates those athletes and teams that on paper look far superior to their opposition, yet fail to achieve the result that is expected???

Is it self confidence, belief in yourself, your team mates, your coaches, your support staff or a lack thereof??

It’s one of the most critical forms of training that so few coaches actually implement with their athletes…

It’s called “Training above the neck”.

What exactly is training above the neck??

Training above the neck is, mental training that allows our athletes to master the mental game of sports performance.

Developing confidence, self belief and resilience through both physical and mental training exercises.

It’e been my experience that we all have it within us (it’s usually been knocked out of most people by the time they reach 12 years of age), yet as I get older I am shocked at how most people do not believe in themselves or for that matter, the greatness that lays within them.

You have it. Believe me!

That’s why you’re here!

PIT Athlete World Martial Arts Champion Matt Parks has it!


With belief comes the need for readiness and a decisive action with a structured plan of attack. Apply yourself with swordsman like precision to possess the knowledge and
resources to achieve your goals and then attack those efforts relentlessly with “purpose and intent”.

The journey I can guarantee you will be a challenge but as you begin to understand this uphill battle you get a taste for the hunt, of knocking down challenges one by one.

You can, you will!

Within goals of sport, health and fitness, goal achievement equally starts with belief and then requires a structured plan of attack and of course compliance. Whether you are the star of your team or fighting a personal battle with health and body composition.

“Believe” as the direction you are going is the direction you are looking. Believe in yourself possibly more than you have ever in your life, set your course, follow your plan and push forward!

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes