Go to where the weakness lies…

USP - Go to where the weakness lies

It never ceases to amaze me how many coaches and athletes gravitate towards their strengths.

I mean….I know why…It’s normal…..it’s easier on the ego to focus on things that you’re good at.

Yet this mindset often masks glaring weakness and deficiency…

Brisbane Bullets Star and Australian Boomers Basketball Rep Matt Hodgson is always exploring ways to maximise his strengths and minimise his weaknesses. Training at USP Gymnasium with Joey Hayes

A prime example would be an athlete that has fantastic sporting skills or great endurance but lacks the physical quality of speed that would improve their sporting performance…yet instead the athlete continues to focus on their sporting skills and endurance instead of working their weakness which is strength and speed.

Whilst visiting the Adelaide Crows back in 2006 I saw first hand how former Crows Coach Neil Craig constantly worked on Kurts Weakness the footy below his knees. He refused to allow any players to kick the ball to Kurt in the air-As overhead marking was clearly his strength!

The same thing for coaches and trainers…often coaches are fairly competent in one area…..for example a trainer may be competent designing a body building program, yet incompetent in designing an injury rehabilitation or sport specific endurance program.

Obviously these 2 scenarios will virtually guarantee the athlete never reaches their full potential…

Your bias as a coach or athlete comes back to what you focus on and specialize in…..

As an athlete you have 2 options….find someone (i.e. a coach) that you trust that can provide you with honest appraisals of exactly where you’re at and what you need to work on.  Find a coach that can actually improve those areas that have been identified as weaknesses.

PIT Athlete and 2013 TIS Cup League Best and Fairest Winner Callum Carseldine hired a coach to come and watch his every game so he could use that feedback to improve! Throughout Callums training in THE PIT he worked his weaknesses and has turned them into strengths

As a coach or trainer you have 2 options as well. Identify your limitations and coaching weaknesses and personal bias and rectify those through ongoing professional development or outsourcing to experts in areas that you’re deficient in.

Give your athletes the quality and results they deserve and don’t be naive enough to think you know it all!

When you think you know it all that’s when you’re going to fall.

It’s ironic, I heard one of the worlds’ most successful and smartest coaches say, “The more knowledgeable I become, the more I realize how little I know”. The young trainer or coach thinks they know everything but in reality they know very little. They simply haven’t got the runs on the board or the experience or results to talk from.

All the best,

Joey Hayes