The Ultimate Athlete….

USP - You want to succeed, you've got to get this

The Ultimate Sports Performance Athlete and Quintessential Human Being is more than just about being Strong!

The Ultimate Sports Performance Athlete works to acquire more of what they need rather than spending all of their time in a relentless and fruitless and never fulfilling chase for things that they want.

The USP Athlete is versatile, balanced and devotes energy to learning about life.

AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett has many outside interests away from football!

The USP Athlete is useful to others and to the world in general, because they know that’s what makes life worth living.

Reigning Australian National Strongman Champ Ant Cosentino is heavily involved with local charities donating his time and strength to causes and people less fortunate than he is!

This USP Athlete would be interested in mastering new things every day and as the USP Athlete grew older, they wouldn’t contract, wouldn’t get fearful, wouldn’t cling to old, outdated ways of thinking, no matter how deeply entrenched.

USP - Joey Hayes stand up comedy gig
USP Coach Joey Hayes Getting Out of His comfort Zone and Having a Crack at Stand Up Comedy!

The USP Athlete gives their body what it needs instead of what it wants.

The USP Athlete trains their body long and hard so that it’s a useful tool, useful in dominating in the sporting arena and accomplishing physical tasks and useful in being able to protect things that matter to them.

Adversity would be faced with a frontal, full-on attack. The USP Athlete thrives on challenge, but wouldn’t do it because they cared ONLY about winning…

PIT Athlete and former Brisbane Lions Player Bryce Retzlaff has overcome massive adversity this year and his persistence was rewarded with a premiership with Box Hill Hawks yesterday in the VFL!

Worth is more complicated than that; it’s self-worth that’s important and meeting your own expectations and definitions of success is far more satisfying than futile attempts to gain it from others.

The USP Athlete would stand up for their rights, along with the rights of others to.

Most importantly, this big brained, big souled, big-muscled, self-actualized Human would have purpose. They actually start and finish things they said they would, so that when they died, they’d have no regrets over wasted time or opportunities. They’d take a look at the setting sun, smile, take their last breath, and die satisfied.

Become the Ultimate Athlete and Ultimate human being in the process!

All the best for the week!

Joey Hayes