How do you condition Athletes Part 2

USP - How do you condiiton athletes

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Imagine a way to develop lung busting endurance, lightning speed, agility, acceleration, precise sporting skills and decision making ability under fatigue simultaneously.

The answer is Skill and Game Based Fitness Drills.

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What are they?

Skill-based conditioning games are continuous games played with 2 or more teams, with equal or unequal numbers, in modified field, with modified rules, involving defence, passing, catching, multiple repeated sprints, and rapid changes in direction. With the purpose of enhancing ball control, defensive skills, decision making and strategic thinking, speed, agility, aerobic fitness and lactate tolerance.

There are numerous benefits to using skill based fitness drills and games. (1)

1. They develop all 3 energy systems
Aerobic System
Lactic System
Alactic System

2. Develop all facets of the Sport
Physical qualities-Speed, Power, Endurance, Agility
Tactical qualities-Decision making ability, competitive environment
Technical qualities-Sport specific skills e.g. Kicking, tackling, throwing, marking, shooting

3. Simulate/replicate the movement patterns of the sport

Stay tuned for part 3 which outlines some skill and games based fitness drills and how to develop your own.

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Joey Hayes