You Never Know People’s Stories

USP - You never know People's stories

This weeks guest article is by PIT Athlete Callum Carseldine. Despite playing the entire season with dodgy shoulders Callum Carseldine took out the TIS Cup State League Best and Fairest in the QLD AFL League. He was fortunate enough to listen to AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou speak at a business breakfast a few weeks ago. Here’s what he learned.

As I sat listening to the life story of Andrew Demetriou, the CEO of the greatest game of them all (AFL) last Friday morning, I was reassured that success is never an accident. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Demetriou but as I left the theatre that day, I felt convinced that his success story like many others I’ve heard resonates with the following quote:

‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

The AFL’s Andrew Demetriou Success…wasn’t luck!

I often hear journalists and the AFL community comment on how ‘lucky’ Demetriou is to be the CEO of the AFL. Luck is a word that is thrown around a lot and fortunately I feel as if I have the right outlook on it, and its thanks mainly to Joey Hayes. As Joey has often stated to me, the harder you work the luckier you get. After hearing Demetriou’s story, I can confirm that he is ‘lucky’ only because of how hard he has worked and how well he has reacted to the challenges that life has thrown his way.

Demetriou currently leads a great life – great job, great family, great health etc. but that is not to say that he hasn’t experienced challenges to get to that point and won’t continue to. One of the more significant challenges he has faced was his first wife died of cancer in 1999. Demetriou went on to say that the 3 years that followed this tragic event brought about some incredibly tough times. However, his perspective and support network ensured this circumstance had a positive effect on his life.

I’m not sure whether this message will impact anyone else but it has certainly come at the right time for me because I’m about to face a circumstance which is nowhere near as serious as Demetriou’s but nonetheless it is a circumstance which will no doubt bring about some challenges. This Tuesday I will be going into the Brisbane Private Hospital to have my left shoulder reconstructed. Again I stress that whilst this is nowhere near as challenging as what Demetriou went through, I’ve realised that my perspective and support network during this time is critical.

This is merely part of the 10% that is going to happen to me. Fortunately I was introduced to Joey 4 years ago and consequently my reaction to challenges like this has been improved dramatically.

Joey Hayes perfecting Callum Carseldines Deadlift in THE PIT!

Thanks to Joey’s network, I’ve already been able to seek advice from Kurt Tippett who went through shoulder surgery 6 or so years ago and of course Joey who has gone through multiple shoulder surgeries.

PIT Athlete Kurt Tippett suffered a broken neck and required shoulder surgery before he made a name for himself!

I also look to young PIT Athletes like Clay Cox for inspiration because of how well he has handled his knee reconstruction. This is not to mention the many other athletes, friends and families from the Pit who have offered their support.

Clay Cox’s Intensity, Enthusiasm and Work Rate in THE PIT whilst recovering from his knee reconstruction has been inspirational! Its also why he is 4 months ahead of his recovery scheduled

Demetriou spoke about the importance of perspective and your support network through challenging times and like most of us reading this article, we have the Pit community in our corner. I’m grateful that I was able to hear the story of such a champion in Andrew Demetriou but I’m even more grateful that I’ve got THE PIT Community and Environment on my side as I move into the next part of my story.

I hope you are too.

All the best,

Callum Carseldine