What Testing and Assessment Do We Conduct?

So What Tests and Physical Performance Assessment Do We Conduct?

All athletes entering the Ultimate Sports Performance Program will go through my world renowned Advanced Athletic Assessment. The unique testing process is one of the most comprehensive in the world. The testing process allows myself and my professional coaches to evaluate an athletes abilities and identify any weaknesses or potential areas for injury. Power, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, nutrition and body composition are all tested to give us a baseline of where the athlete is prior to beginning the program.


The data is then analysed by Ultimate Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning Coaches and a individualised training and nutrition program is designed. Strength and speed programs are frequently changed during the course of the program to create continuous stress and demand on the athlete’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and nervous system. Ultimate Sports Perfomance advanced assessment, superior program design, individual attention and top level coaches guarantees each and every athlete will be given the opportunity to reach their full athletic potential.


  • Physical Performance Tests and Physiological Data Testing
  • Musculoskeletal, Functional Movement and Long Term Athlete Development Competency Testing
  • Vision Reaction and Co-Ordination Testing
  • Functional Medicine and Nutrient Profiling Testing
  • Mental Skills and Mind Performance Profiling 
  • Skill Skill Based and Biomechanics Testing and Assessment

Physical Performance Tests and Physiological Data Testing

  • Sport Specific Speed and Agility
  • Repeat Sprint Ability
  • Vision Reaction and Co-Ordination Testing
  • Lower Body Strength and Power and Upper Body Strength Power
  • Strength Ratio Structural Balance Assessments
  • Core Strength and Structural Integrity Testing
  • Cardiovascular and Aerobic Testing
  • Body Composition, Anthropometric and Biosignature Modulation Assessments



What are the Benefits of Physical Performance Tests and Physiological Assessments?
  • See what weaknesses or deficiencies a player has
  • See the success of your training program
  • Provide the athlete feedback as to areas they need improvement in

Musculoskeletal, Functional Movement and Long Term Athlete Development Competency Testing

  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Postural Assessments
  • Static and Dynamic Flexibility Assessments

What are the Benefits of Musculoskeletal, Functional Movement and Physio Tests Athletic and Functional Competence Tests for Long Term Athlete Development?

  • Help identify where poor ROM may cause problems or injuries
  • Help monitor rehab from injuries
  • Help improve performance

Functional Medicine and Nutrient Profiling Testing

  • Nutrient Deficiency, Allergy and Assessment Testing
  • Functional Medicine Testing and Diagnostics provide the coach and athlete with an entire overview of the athletes internal systems such as the Endocrine System-Hormone Profile, Immune System, Digestive System, Toxicity all of which can be impeding athletic performance.

  • Nutrient Testing allows us to see the athlete’s nutritional allergies or deficiencies. Which allows us to provide an individualised supplement and nutrition program tailored to the athletes’ specific needs.
  • Functional Medicine Testing and Diagnostics

Skill Based Tests

  • Kicking, Handballing, Marking, Tackling, Throwing, Passing, Running, Swimming, Jumping, Hitting.
  • Sport Specific Skill Analysis
  • Biomechanical Assessments

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If You Want To:

  • Get the Edge Over Your Competition
  • Take the Guess Work Out Of Your Performance Testing and Assessment
  • Raise Your Standards of Professionalism
  • Be More Confident In Your Testing So You Can Provide Specific and Individualised Training
  • Allow You or Your Athletes To Reach Their Full Sporting Potential
  • Ultimately Have a More Successful Year With Enhanced Performance More Wins and Less Injuries

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