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You know those laid back quiet humble athletes that just go about their business without making much fuss….Josh Kochner is one such athlete.

A supremely talented basketballer that began working with us at USP in approx. September 2011 to help rehabilitate a nagging knee injury.

USP - Josh Kochner


After his initial assessment I recommended he go and see my physio as I had a sneaking suspicion he may require knee surgery. Unfortunately my suspicions were confirmed.

The physio referred Josh for scans and the scans confirmed the worse..Josh would require knee surgery.

After completing a successful rehabilitation following his knee surgery, Josh unfortunately, injured his other knee and would require surgery for the “good” knee.

USP - Knee injury


3 knee surgeries later…A lesser athlete would have quit and given up the sport. But to Joshs’ credit he never missed a single scheduled training session working around and through any injuries he had, often hobbling around the gym on crutches.

Having coached numerous junior athletes that have since gone on to dominate at the professional level, I feel I am well versed to comment that Josh Kochner is not your average athlete in any way shape or form.

Although suffering traumatic injuries, he never once whinged or complained about his situation and predicament. He simply asked, “What can I do to improve”?

USP - Bryce Retzlaff Testimonial
Former Brisbane Lions Player and PIT USP Athlete Bryce Retzlaff said exactly the same thing and continued with his scheduled Training Despite a Broken Hand!

It is this attitude and phenomenal work rate that will virtually guarantee Josh success in any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

As far as mentally tough and resilient athletes go Josh Kochner ranks up there with the best of them and I have seen a lot!

This mental toughness and resilience will transfer to any other aspect of his life, be it sport, business or academia!

As a coach, I almost shed a tear watching Josh play his first game in 2 years knowing full well the trials and tribulations he has gone through in order to play the game he loves.

USP - Josh Kochner - 1st Shot 3 Pointer in Comeback Game
Josh Kochner 1st game back in 2013. First Shot 8 seconds after coming onto the court! Nothing But Net!


And if the script could have been written any better, true to form Josh lined up for his first shot, swoosh, nothing but net!

You can check out Josh debut game he is on for 8 seconds and scores with his first shot.

Check out the 3.30 mark.

So life’s got you down, you have an injury or upset for whatever reason.

Just remember how lucky you are to have a disease free, pain free, functional body and never ever waste it or take an opportunity for granted!

All the best,

Joey Hayes