Crossfit….Not for Elite Athletes

USP - Crossfit for athletes

Q: Hi Joey, I’m a soccer player from the mid north coast and I’m looking at doing CROSSFIT to become a better soccer player. What do you think? Joel

A: Joel, for those that don’t know-CrossFit is a group exercise program that encompasses a broad range of fitness and training methods such as Strongman training, Olympic lifting, Power lifting, Sprints, Long distance runs, Body Weight calisthenics, Gymnastics basically a hundred different training modalities thrown together create what is known as CrossFit.

The major benefits to CrossFit is variety and inclusion of compound multi-joint exercises. Crossfit also encourages hard work and mental toughness as part of their workout-which I feel is major benefit. CrossFit In their own words is broad and general which is great for general population but presents some major problems for athletes.

8 Problems with CrossFit Programs for Athletes

1. They do not take into account your individual needs or requirements which can lead to injury.

2. There is no assessment so you’re simply guessing what to do which increases risk and injury potential.

3. CrossFit programs are often unbalanced or overemphasis certain exercises and they fail to incorporate other training factors and variables into account such as specific flexibility training which again can lead to injury and poor results in the sporting arena.

USP - Crossfit workout


4. CrossFit Programs don’t take into account other variables such as your individual lifestyle, recovery capacity or injury history.

5. CrossFit Programs don’t conduct Specific or Relevant Athletic Tests to determine what you require or need or how much you’ve progressed.

6. CrossFit programs don’t focus on your own personal weaknesses and fail to take into account the specific physiological requirements of your sport.

7. There is no progression from 1 program to the next, it’s simply a conglomerate of programs put together with no thought or structure.

8. CrossFit Certifications are conducted over a 2-day weekend course which perspective CrossFit coaches are expected to learn complex lifts in a multitude of sports such as Powerlifting, Strongman Training and Olympic Lifting.

Whilst CrossFit does offer some benefits to the general population if you’re aiming to become an elite athlete I’d recommend utilizing the services of a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist that can provide more specific and individualised training programs and coaching.

All the best,

Joey Hayes