How to get lightning FAST in a Hurry!

USP - How to get ligtning fast in a hurry

Speed kills; you can’t hit what you can’t catch – Sun Tzu, ‘The Art of War’

Seriously, think about all the great athletes out there, they all have one thing in common; they are brutally fast and lightning quick! The video below outlines a sample of the speed training AFL Superstar Kurt Tippett performed with USP in the off-season during 2014!

I’m sure you’ve watched AFL Star Patrick Dangerfield  rapidly turn a game on its ear…due to his break neck speed and lighting acceleration!

From my consultations with Elite Coaches, selectors and recruiters, junior
athletes MUST be QUICK or they WONT MAKE IT!

To ensure you’ve got the best chance to MAKE IT and DO NOT get overlooked,
I’m going to outline:

4 Key Ways You Can Instantly Increase Your Speed

1. Increase Relative Body Strength or Reducing Body fat. Basically get
stronger in comparison to your body weight. An example of this would be if
your chin up and push up numbers are increasing then your strength, relative
to your body weight is increasing, which means you should get faster. If an
athlete is carrying high levels of body fat, appropriate nutritional interventions
to reduce body fat would result in relative strength and speed increases.

Martial Arts World Champion Matt Parks increasing his relative body strength with Pronated Chin-Ups
Back Squats with Chains have helped QRL leading Try Scorer Nat Barnes take his Speed to another Level!

2. Improve Running Technique and Biomechanics-by utilising positive shin
angles and body lean for acceleration, arm drive initiating movement from the
shoulder joint (eye socket to hip pocket) with no change in elbow/forearm

Brisbane Lions Bryce Retzlaff working on Acceleration Mechanics on THE PIT Tredsled!
Wall Run Drill Taken from Speed Agility Quickness for Athletes DVD. Wall Runs help teach you the correct biomechanics; positive shin angles and proper body lean for acceleration
Usain Bolt Demonstrating Perfect Arm Drive-initiating movement from the shoulder with no change in elbow forearm angle

3. Increase Flexibility in lower body and upper body musculature.
Will allow greater range of movement around a joint and reduce risk of injury due to optimal length. Commonly tight muscles that restrict and or inhibit sprinting
speed and athletic development include tight hip flexors, quads and glutes.
Tight pecs and lats can restrict correct arm drive biomechanics.

Brisbane Bullet Basketball Star using Fascial Stretch Therapy techniques with Joey Hayes to lengthen his hip flexors and quads!

4. Use Sport specific Training Drills that replicate the demands of the game and develop speed, acceleration, decision making and sport specific skills. The Flag start kick mark lead video below is one such drill that develops Speed, Acceleration, Agility, Decision Making and involves the sport specific skill of marking as well as spoiling and the game sense ability of protecting the ball from the opposition player.

For more information on How to Develop Lightning Speed and Blistering Agility Check out The Speed, Agility, Quickness and Reaction Training for Athletes DVD

By determining your weakness from the information outlined above and focusing on these 4 areas you will rapidly increase your speed.

All the best,

Joey Hayes