7 things you never knew that could enhance performance

USP - 7 things you never knew that could enhance performance

With the dearth of information all over the internet it can be hard to decipher fact from fiction. When I write an article, I only ever write from personal experience not what the latest fads are on the internet. Here’s a few things we’ve picked up over the last decade that you could implement immediately to enhance your performance.

1. There is a strong link between oral health and sports performance. One of the elite athletes I consulted with was recovering poorly from training, sleeping almost 12 hours per day, picking up infections and experiencing recurring candida infections. As part of our holistic approach to performance, all professional athletes undergo an oral health check with one of our specialist dentists. The dentist inspected the athletes mouth and found an abscessed tooth..the athlete was unaware of.

Oral Health

The tooth was removed and magically the health problems disappeared. Another one of our elite athletes cardiovascular conditioning had failed to improve. The athlete underwent removal of their amalgams and improved their aerobic capacity by 7% with no additional training. The dentist went to explain how mercury reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. I’ve had other clients undergo dental revision and their joint pain has improved significantly. The goal is not to have to go to the dentist except for the tooth clean and check up. So your mum was right when she says brush your teeth! Do it and enhance your performance and longevity!

2. Digestive health is becoming more main stream. The benefits of improved gut health range from improved moods, hormonal profile, fat loss and muscle gain. I’ve known a few clients that were diagnosed with depression, yet they cleaned their guts up aka improved their gut health and magically their depression disappeared without the use of anti-depressants. Quality probiotics (or foods that contain good bacteria) ingested on a daily basis can assist in all the areas mentioned above.

Digestive Health

3. Training for performance always improves aesthetics, unfortunately when you train to look better, very often performance decreases. This can be as a result of non specific training methods. focus on hypertrophy or isolation type exercises that can increase non functional hypertrophy which can reduce an athletes power output.

4. Everyone wants to take a magic supplement or pill to enhance training goals. Yet in all my years coaching the number 1 thing to improve performance is to enhance your sleep quantity and quality. Sleep aids recovery and releases anabolic hormones to help you regenerate and recover! It’s free, yet in my experience so few people sleep well. There’s quality research that shows a correlation between quality and quantity of hours slept and obesity and mental health disorders.  We’ve seen clients improve their sleep with my specific supplements and protocols and actually lose weight without exercise.

Sleep To Win!

5 Things you can use to enhance your sleep immediately. 1. Sleep in a bat cave. Make sure your bedroom is pitch black! Use block out blinds or an eye mask and ear plugs. 2. Use a grateful log before bed to still the mind and give thanks. 3. Use zinc magnesium supplement to increase deep sleep. 4. Take a warm bath before bed to increase body temperature which will help you relax and sleep better! 5. Go to bed before 10.30pm and wake up after 6.30am for optimal sleep. 6. Stay consistent with sleeping and waking times to set up a regular pattern. 7. Avoid caffeine and stimulants 6 hours before bedtime. 8. A walk after dinner can aid digestion and help relax before bed. 9. Consume carbohydrate and protein meal for dinner which will aid with sleep. Invest in a quality bed and pillow. I’m often shocked that people spend more on their cars than they do on their beds. We are in our beds almost a third of our lives so make sure you’re reaping the benefits! No TV’s, Mobile phones, no wireless internet, no electric blanket as they all emit dirty electricity which can impact upon your ability to sleep.

No TV’s or Screens in Bedrooms!!

5. I’ll keep saying it til I’m red in the face-nutrition gives you 80% of your results. The body doesn’t lie…if you aren’t following your nutrition guidelines the body will tell the story…The Raw food revolution, juice diets, paleo diets, Atkins diets, banana diets are rampant. After studying nutrition for more than a decade and trialing virtually every diet, nutrition plan and supplement known to man both on myself and the guinea pigs.

Nutrition can come down to the following equation:

P + P = P.

Protein + Produce = Periphery of the supermarket! For example if it comes in a package or is processed don’t eat it! You’ll find that only processed foods are in the center of the supermarket! All the good stuff is usually on the outside in the periphery!

If you follow the guidelines 80% of the time, you’ll get results. Food is part of our culture and is to be enjoyed, so when the diet Nazis tell you you can’t eat certain foods or drinks anytime..fire them and find one that understands the essential nature of human beings!

6. The way of the future in sports performance is genetic testing, blood testing, hormone testing, saliva testing and real time GPS data to dictate training methodologies and recovery capacity. Some interesting things are being done with urine analysis to ascertain amino acid content and glucose for sports drinks.

7. Your brain and mindset is going to be your biggest weakness or your biggest weapon!!! Smart coaches know how to get the best out of their athletes…they also know instinctively how far to push their athletes as well. Unfortunately as a coach, there’s no easy way to know this, it just comes with time working with more than 10,000 athletes for more than a decade!

Stay tuned for the next 7  tips coming soon.

Joey Hayes