5 more things you may not know to enhance performance

USP - 5 More things you may not know to enhance performance

Following on from last weeks article 7 things you may not know to enhance performance is the final 5 tips you can use to enhance your performance.

1. Flexibility is the most under-developed quality for most athletes. That’s why we focus on flexibility first. It’s the best thing you can do to stay healthy and injury free. If you look at the junior elite athletes I’ve coached that are now playing professional sport. Very few have sustained any muscular strains. It’s all well and good to focus on performance enhancement but its of little use if the athletes are injured. Hence the focus on injury prevention through soft tissue management and flexibility.

2. Escapism is one of the best methods I’ve come across for enhancing an athlete’s recovery and aiding relaxation…with all the recreation drug and alcohol use amongst todays’ sporting stars, I’m surprised there’s not more time and effort spent on athlete education regarding this form of recovery. Some of our elite guys spend time in nature, read books or watch movies to assist with escapism.

The Strongman Training Crew climbing Mt Warning Escape during their recovery week back in 2009!

3. Individualization holds the key to training and performance improvement.. you may progress alright doing the same stuff as everyone else but there gets to a point of diminishing returns. Non specific generalised training programs quickly lose their effect. Individualised programs will always provide a superior result.

4. All things being equal, the bigger, faster, stronger athlete will dominate and stand out, especially at junior level. Want to get the edge better make sure you’re doing the extra specialized training no one else is doing, if not better hope with luck that you get thru..although thru experience I know better!!!

5. In-season training is one of the keys to continual sustained and enhanced performance. It allows athletes to peak for finals time and or rep games when it actually matters most! As you continue to get bigger..faster stronger..fitter bullet proof..your competitors get slower fatter weaker skinnier…its almost unfair…the key is to use optimal volume so you don’t over-train or run the risk of injury. Balance is the key!

Stay strong,

Joey Hayes