What’s your ACT like?

USP - What's your ACT like?

What’s your ACT like?

I just recently got back from a coaching professional development tour of the USA. During the trip I was fortunate to listen to some of the most successful NFL coaches and what they felt were paramount to their Super bowl victories. There were numerous coaches speaking at the event, however I was able to pin point 3 main  concepts that kept reverberating through many of the coaches presentations.

I all it ACT.

Basically an acronym that defines a successful coaching philosophy.

A-stands for Authenticity. Authenticity can be best defined as being real or being authentic. Athletes are particularly good at sensing B.S especially when a coach is trying to be or act like someone he/she is not. For example, if your coaching style is not intense and in your face, it’s usually best not to coach in that manner, as its not congruent with your personality or who you are and its pretty hard to maintain that style if its not who you are at the very core of your being.

USP - Mick Malthouse - Coaching Spray
Mick Malthouse Coaching Spray Keeping it real (Image Slattery)!


C-stands for Competency. Competency means being great at what you do. As a strength and conditioning coach that can mean having elite coaching qualification, staying abreast of the latest research, on-going professional development and knowing all aspects of your craft (e.g. knowing how to design a strength program, rehab program, speed program, flexibility program, hypertrophy program, agility program endurance program or nutrition program). Athletes know when a coach is competent, usually by the results they get!

ydney Swans Superstar Kurt Tippett has been training in THE PIT at USP for more than a decade now, its fair to say he’s developed a large degree of trust in the programs and results!

T-Stands for Trust. When a coach is authentic and competent the coach usually has the athletes’ trust!

So Trust = Competency + Authenticity= super bowl like results!

Get your ACT right and watch your coaching and athletes and teams results soar!

All the best,

Joey Hayes