Joeys Top Tips to Stay Healthy and Flu Free this winter!

USP - Joey's Top Tips to stay healthy and flu free this Winter

Hey Joey, I know you’re always trying new things have you got any secrets for keeping your athletes flu free and healthy during winter time? Benno.

Benno thanks for the compliment. I’m always working on new things, however prevention is always the best cure! With that being said the best bet is respecting and honoring your body. That means sleeping for a minimum 8 hours or 10 if possible. And eating clean whole foods and varying your training volume/loads to include phases of recovery.

From looking at numerous sleep logs filled in by athletes over the past 10 years. There is almost always a correlation between poor sleep patterns and subsequent immune function.

That means that if an athlete has poor sleep patterns (hours slept or quality of sleep) more than 3 nights in a row (when they usually sleep well) I can almost predict with 85% certainty they are getting run down and are likely to get sick.

Another interesting thing we know is that after you complete a training session, your immunity is compromised, so it pays to avoid sick people once you finish training as you’re more likely to pick up something during this time period.

When any of the athletes I coach begin to feel flu or cold like symptoms coming on we have them reduce training volume and utilise some of the following home made treatment modalities.

Glutathione + Xylitol Nasal Spray (Pumped into each nostril) kills bacteria and viruses.

322 Supplement protocol (3 capsules of glutathione, 2 capsules of lysine and 2 capsules of seleno methione.

Homemade Chicken Soup with Real Whole Chicken and Vegetables!

Olive leaf Oil Extract

Lite and Healthy Superfood

Apple Cider Vinegar + Lemon + Ambrosia Honey Mix + Vitamin C

Epsom Salt Gargles for sore throat.

Green Tea for antioxidants.

Water to keep hydrated!!

Keep your training environment clean.

Follow these tips and you’ll give yourself the best shot at staying flu free or recovering from any bugs quicker this winter!

All the best,