This never ceases to amaze me!

USP - This never ceases to amaze me

It never ceases to amaze me..the number of so-called strength and conditioning/performance coaches that don’t actually go and watch their athletes play, compete and perform!

How do you know if the physical qualities you are supposedly developing are actually transferring onto the sporting arena?

You don’t!

Joey celebrating The Grand Final Win with Maxy Kennedy and Trav Marsham!
Gold Coast Suns Strength and Conditioning Coach Matty Kennedy and Joey Hayes watching USP Athletes compete!
Joey celebrating The Grand Final Win with Matty Kennedy and Trav Marsham!

Either way…It’s interesting…like the experience I had earlier during the year…when one of our USP PIT Athletes said “Joey you’re willing to give up your weekend and come and watch me play…my other trainer/coach never once came to any of my games”….

I was dumbfounded by the comment..because to me, that is incomprehensible!

Joey watching Cancer Survivor Nathan Andrews play his 100th game!

Watching our athletes compete is simply part of what we do at USP…although it’s not written into our job contract and there’s no obligation…we sincerely want to see our athletes succeed and love seeing them get rewarded on game day for the efforts they put into training!

Watching our athletes play, allows us to cast a critical eye over their performance…

USP Stalwart JJ Taking out the Gold Coast basketball Grand final last Friday night!

Max Cruse added 9.5kgs of muscle whilst training with USP. received the best on ground medal for his dominant performance in the AFL grand Final. Finished in the top 4 for the league best and fairest and competed at the state champs for athletics!

Max Cruse Before and After Pics
Max Cruse 2018 BOG GF
Max Cruse Before and After Pics

As their coach it allows us to see exactly where their physical strengths and deficiencies lie..

We can look at see their work rate on and off the ball, technical skills, speed, reaction, repeat sprint ability, agility, confidence and leadership!

Alex Rayner Premiership Medallion

Ultimately we can assess their strengths and weaknesses in a real world setting-aka on the competition arena.

Which further enhances our ability as elite coaches to design their individualized training program allowing us to focus on either the physical, technical, tactical or psychological skills to win.

Joey watching Piper Phelan notch up her 200th Game!

Earlier this year I went and watched one of our USP Athletes play…The athlete played well, displayed good endurance,  a strong mark overhead and a beautiful kick. However the athlete didn’t move well laterally and skills below the knees were limited. The athletes acceleration was compromised. Much of what could be attributed to limited flexibility which was impacting upon the athletes performance. This was the catalyst the athlete needed to focus on their weaknesses like flexibility and acceleration running biomechanics. To quote Kelvin Giles who was the head of the QAS High performance Department for many years, “Athletes must have the physical qualities like strength, flexibility, speed and endurance to perform the technical and tactical elements of the game”.

Trent Fisher Elite Year Just Rewards a Premiership, Best and fairest and USP 2XU Singlet for adding 10kgs!

That’s where having played the sport and having an intimate knowledge of the sport can allow you to make better coaching decisions and ultimately get better results for your athletes.

All the best for the week,

Joey Hayes