Harder…but not smarter..

USP - Harder but not smarter

I’m hearing and seeing it more and more often…

There seems a disturbing trend amongst coaches both on facebook and instagram and the internet personal trainers about HARD Training!

Squat till you puke

The exercise world, coaches and trainers have gone mad..in their effort to become hard core…they have lost the essence of what physical preparation for sport and athletes is all about!

I see them post their workout of the day..and how they threw up…

Pukey The Clown a Crossfit Hero

Apparently, it’s a badge of honour if you throw up during training—enter pukey the clown! (Get a free t-shirt when you vomit!)

Heaven forbid…Uncle Rhabdo…short for rhabdomyolysis; caused when muscle fiber breaks down, gets released into the bloodstream, and poisons the kidneys.

Uncle Rhabdo another crossfit legend!

What the?

Did I miss something?

Since when has the goal of training to throw up or end up in hospital?

For competitive athletes, this is ludicrous and sets the recovery process back days…

Yes I agree, there is a time and a place for solid “HARD” training; but for hard training programmed into a periodised training plan with a specific performance outcome and some mental toughness!

But going balls to the wall every single session..is counter-productive!
It just doesn’t make logical sense!

As a professional coach, I’m into efficient and optimal training; not maximal fatigue and exhaustion as the by product of every single training session!

If I can get the same result with 1 set, why would I do 3 or 4?

Now that’s not to say I perform only 1 set for every exercise, it’s just an analogy for coaches and athletes to actually question why they do what they do and for coaches and trainers to justify why they design a program in the manner that they do?

As a coach working with athletes you must be cognizant of monitoring fatigue and actually enhancing performance!

RPE Chart

Make sure the programs you design are written with a purpose and you ensure that every single exercise, set, rep, rest period, tempo written on the program is there for reason-
your athletes and clients deserve it!

It seems the coaches in the know…monitor their athletes training loads, through proper periodisation, recovery and unload weeks.

Joey Hayes and the most influential coach in the western hemisphere Charlie Francis

I’ll stick with the words of wisdom I first heard from Charlie Francis back almost 12 years ago; “Do the least amount work for the biggest performance improvements in the least amount of time….

Does that mean the athletes I coach are lazy?

Hell no!

We simply aim to train smarter, not harder!

It means our goal is to seek performance improvements over fatigue and perform consciously designed training programs rather than a mish mash of random workouts all over the place that seek fatigue and soreness!

I’ll leave with a quote from the great Lee Haney,

“Stimulate, Don’t Annihilate!”

Stimulate don’t annihilate

All the best,

Joey Hayes

P.S. Stay tuned for the Elite program design article in the next few week!