5 Dirty Tricks to beat the AFL Draft Camp Tests

USP - 5 dirty tricks to beat the AFL Draft Camp tests

With the AFL Draft Camp now underway, I thought it would be timely to outline a few sneaky tips I’ve shared with many draft camp attendees so they dominate the tests…What I find ironic is that very few athletes actually prepare for the or learn how to beat many of the physical assessments and tests they have to undertake. Yet the results on these tests can actually determine if an athlete gets selected and or what pick they get drafted based on their athleticism. Over the past decade I’ve developed a few sure fire ways to beat almost all performance tests (I even produced a dvd on it!)

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Here’s some tips you can implement immediately to enhance your vertical jump height!

GC Suns star Michael Rischitelli Performing the Vertical Jump Test

1. Static stretching of the hip flexors ensures the hip extensors (aka glutes and hamstrings can fire maximally as there is less friction during the jump. It will also increase motor units activation in the hip extensors, which will ensure a more explosive powerful and higher vertical jump.

USP - Balance
The warrior lunge stretch is a fantastic stretch for the hip flexors!

2. Wear lighter shoes…we have our draft camp reps wear nike zoom waffles as they are one of the lightest shoes on the market. It’s common sense that if you’re wearing shoes that weigh a few kilos they will weigh you down. Think about jumping with a 2-3 kg weight vest holding you back or holding you down.

USP - Nike Zoome Waffle
Nike Zoom Waffle our shoe of choice for the vertical jump test!

3. Focus on accelerating quickly into the descending portion or the eccentric component of the vertical jump. Newtons law of physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. How this science applies to you is simple. The faster you accelerate into your decent the more force you put into the ground, the higher you will jump!

USP - vertical jump
Vertical Jump using arm drive

4. Use your arm drive to accelerate you into the air. The arms and shoulder girdle contribute as much as 15% to vertical jump height, so it’s only logical to train them.

5. The relationship between lower body maximal strength/power and the contribution to vertical jump height has been well established. Athletes wanting to increase their vertical jump height should focus on Lower body maximal strength and power development with big bang money exercises. Snatches, cleans, squats and deadlifts and associated power development techniques like plyometrics, complex training, accommodating resistance and accelerated eccentrics all work well to enhance vertical jump height. (The training method will obviously depend upon the athletes training age and resistance training experience).

USP Athlete Former Brisbane Broncos Player Nat Barnes back Squatting with Chains to increase his explosiveness

Use these tips to boost your vertical jump performance!

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