Had Skills & Abilities But Still FAILED!

USP - Had Skills and Abilities but Still Failed
Had Skills & Abilities But Still FAILED!

For more than a decade, I’ve literally coached 1000’s of athletes….

Provided they follow the program they all get relatively good results….

Yet what separates those athletes that get good results from those athletes that get great results???

USP Athlete and Sydney Swans Superstar epitomizes skill, ability, drive and ambition!

I was on road trip with a good friend of mine and so the discussion began…

Why some of the most gifted athletes… you know… those blessed with amazing sporting skills and tremendous natural physical abilities DO NOT SUCCEED….

It’s simple…..they lack one of two key traits….

1. Drive


2. Ambition

Simple I know…

So that means that you can have the all potential in the world….I.e. the sporting skills and physical abilities but never reach your ultimate goal or outcomes nor experience the success you could…

USP Athlete Matty Parks-Martial Arts World Champ-Honed his Physical attributes to make up for his genetic limitations!

Because you lack the drive and ambition…

Which basically means you lack the work ethic and discipline!

So effectively, that means if you don’t have the natural talent and or physical gifts…you can still get there….with unbridled drive and ambition and relentless work ethic and focused discipline effort!!!

There it is laid out plain and simple… you can make up for any self perceived lack of skills and abilities through drive and ambition…and that is precisely why we are here training the house down at USP in THE PIT pushing our physical and mental barriers and overcoming resistance!

All the best,

Joey Hayes