You may not play footy again!

USP - You May Not Play Footy Again

“You may not play footy again”…was what doctors told Gold Coast Junior AFL Footballer Ben Spittle following a horrific injury after he dislocated his left leg and broke his hip whilst playing in a pre-season AFL Game for the Cararra Saints on the Gold Coast last year!

USP - Ben Spittle & Gold Coast Suns Player Zac Smith
Ben Spittle & Gold Coast Suns Player Zac Smith

Almost 6 months of intense injury rehabilitation with USP in our injury rehabilitation program and strict adherence to nutritional and injury rehabilitation protocols sees Ben back playing the sport he loves…

I’m proud of the effort and tenacity he’s displayed..starting out at a weight of 77.4kg and 27.3% body fat to his current weight of 70.8kgs and 15% bodyfat!  

Ben Spittle Strength Training in THE USP PIT Gymnasium under the guidance of Joey Hayes!

Note for young athletes. The body doesn’t lie! And it’s the work away from the training when no one is watching and adhering to the nutrition plan that counts!

USP - Ben Spittle - Return to Play Phase
Ben Spittle looking good during his return to play phase training program

Click here to read the AFLQ story about Ben’s remarkable recovery, courage and determination during his rehabilitation and training with USP in THE PIT!

Stay strong and all the best,

Joey Hayes