I’m done!

USP - I'm done

I’m Done!

By Joey Hayes

A few weeks ago a great mate and one of our esteemed USP approved service providers world class massage therapist Al D (82 years old) pulled me aside and said, “Joey, I’m done… It’s time for me to move on and enjoy my time that I have left” .

The selfish side of me initially thought..”Damn who am I going to find to be able to replace Al…what am I going to do for my regular massage?” And then the human alturistic side of me began to kick in and thought; “You know what, that’s great! Al you deserve it! It’s going to be hard to find someone as talented and focused and skilled as you are!

Joey Hayes with the worlds best and most experienced massage therapist!

It’s been almost 9 years now that Al has been providing world class massage services to both myself and USP clients, although Al assures me he has been doing his massage thing for well over 50 years!!! That is some experience and quite a few massages!

During this time frame Al has literally fixed hundreds of my clients that were in chronic pain. I’ve had international athletes fly over to consult with me and then send them along to Al who always manages to get rid of their aches and pains!

And yes, that is all part of the job, but I guess apart from healing hands and excellent skill set (midas touch), the thing that sets Al apart from other service providers is his character and nature.

Being a service provider myself I picked up many of Al’s professional massage techniques, tips and tricks but more importantly picked up his servant attitude for his clients.

See Al always goes above and beyond in the service he provides for this clients.

I remember it was a Sunday around midday and my mother called me up as she was in chronic pain, unable to move due to her back. I gave Al a call and he said to come over straight away, as you guessed, he fixed her back!

Now this is only a small sample of the mans character!

I learned from a young age that it’s vitally important to surround yourself with the elite mentors or BOBS!

I’m also well aware that other aspects of your mentors life (Physical, Relationships etc) will impact upon your thoughts, beliefs, behaviour and mindset!

So that means humble, integrous, knowledgeable and wise! (I’m in good stead!)

As far as a role model goes Al is almost perfect.

He’s happy!

He loves what he does and he’s world class!

He has great relationships with his wife, kids, grand kids and friends!

He’s healthy and physically active!

Al is one whom I consider to be the elite!

Apart from being Rock solid human being!

I guess the thing that we’ll miss most about Al apart from his terrible jokes, bad singing, match making service is his trademark laugh!

When I see some of my closest, wisest and most experienced mates and mentors retire I know that eventually there’ll come a day when I no longer coach.

The time is now for us to enjoy the service providers in our lives and never take them for granted because, you just never know when they may be done!

As a homage to Al and for the massive impact he has had upon assisting my injuries as well as my sport specific rehabilitation and pain management protocols. I have completed my Cert IV in Massage Therapy qualifications to be able to assist USP Athletes and clients with any nagging aches or pains. I have been fortunate enough to have Al pass on some of his trademark techniques to get the best out of our athletes!

USP - Joey Hayes Cert IV Massage Therapy Certificate
Joey Hayes Massage Therapist Certificate

Al (better known as my athletes secret weapon) from all of us here at USP and in THE PIT you are one of the greatest human beings to walk the earth and your contribution to your clients and to the world has been truly valuable, for that we are eternally grateful!

All the best,

Joey Hayes