Pick the fruits, not the roots!

USP - No Coach, no success

The science says…the research says…Great coaches are 5 years ahead of the scientific research, I’m not impressed with how many scientific articles you can rattle off, Im interested to see the results you produce with your clients…

USP Athlete, World Champ Martial Artist and Now Powerlifter Mick Parks has taken his deadlift from 120-240kg in 2 years with the use of chains and bands!

The great Ian King said “Pick the fruits, not the roots”. In other words, Im not interested in knowing how something works, Im interested in simply knowing that it works!

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise research

Great coaches are always on average 5 years ahead of the research! By the time research is published, has gone through statistical analysis, had been passed through ethics and has undergone numerous revisions and edits, not to mention the fact most research is conducted on virtually untrained participants, you’re already behind the leaders in your field! Take note-Pick the fruits, not the roots. Unless of course you intend to impress your scientific researchers!

Dan Baker Premiership Win

I’ll never forget back in 1998 when I was talking to Dan Baker (Brisbane Broncos Strength and Conditioning coach) about the use of chains and bands for Maximal strength and power development. At the time there was no conclusive scientific research to support the use of these training tools-although my athletes and Dan’s athletes results proved otherwise. If we had waited until 2004 for the research to come out and support what we were doing we would have already been behind.

All the best,

Joey Hayes