“Don’t mistake movement, for achievement”.

USP - Don't mistake movement for achievement

Has been one of the best pieces of advice I have ever picked up and applied.
The lesson was shared with me by one of Australia’s leading property developers.

USP - Don't mistake movement for achievement - quote
Don’t mistake movement for achievement

These words of wisdom can be applied to many aspects of life both in business and in the gym or sports performance training and coaching environment. Basically, the analogy is that you can go to the gym you could potentially be doing unproductive exercises or inappropriate reps, or the incorrect number sets or go to the oval running laps and train for hours on end in your quest to achieve your athletic sports performance and fitness goals.

AFL Superstar USP Athlete Kurt Tippett knows the back squats are generally a more productive exercise than leg extensions!

And whilst you are engaged in MOVEMENT you may not actually be ACHIEVING results in the fastest most effective way possible! As a coach or athlete you should ask yourself “Is what you are doing effective and producing the desired RESULTS in the most efficient way possible”?

Although it flies in the face of conventional training wisdom our goal at USP is to produce the biggest improvements with the least amount of work.

Callum Carseldine Deadlift

This ensures our athletes minimise their risk of injury and over-training and are fresh for competition and perform when and where it counts! USP Athlete Callum Carseldine is one who subscribes to that same philosophy and the results in every aspect of his life are testament to that.

All the best,

Joey Hayes