The most challenging question an athlete must ask

USP - The Most Challenging Question an Athlete must ask

One of the most challenging questions for older athletes is when to retire….do you make the call yourself or wait to for the team to cut you?

Can you squeeze another year out of your tired body?

USP - Andrew Raines Collage
Andrew Raines Retirement Gold Coast Suns, Brisbane Lions, Richmond AFL Club

Have you still got something to give or should you make way for the younger athletes coming through?

Anyone that’s ever been faced with it knows that it’s a tough decision to make! In typical no BS Style, Gold Coast Junior footballer and Gold Coast Suns AFL Player, Andrew Raines announced his retirement today.

Rainessy, congratulations on a stellar career and truly maximizing every ounce of talent you’ve had through a tremendous focus, work ethic and professionalism. Those same attributes that have served you well throughout your footy career will ensure a smooth transition into the business world with massive success!

USP - Andrew Raines Deadlift, Richmond AFL Club
Andrew Raines deadlifting during my visit to Richmond in 2006

You can check out a young Andrew Raines Deadlifting when I was visiting Richmond way back in 2006!
Andrew Raines Career: 129 games, 17 goals
Richmond (2004-2009): 56 games, 1 goal
Brisbane Lions (2010-2014): 67 games, 14 goals
Gold Coast SUNS (2015): 6 games, 2 goals

Joey Hayes