2 Ways to win an AFL Grand Final!

USP - 2 ways to win an AFL Grand Final

I was fortunate enough to spend time with Hawthorn Hawks High Strength and Conditioning coach Peter Burge during the year 2008 and Geelong Cats Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dean Robinson in 2009 and was intrigued by how the 2 sides went about preparing for their Grand Finals.

Joey Hayes and Hawks Strength and Conditioning Coach Peter Burge

During the 2008 Grand Final week Hawthorn Coach Alistair Clarkson could sense his players were nervous with the increased pressure and focus that surrounds Melbourne Teams during Grand Final Week..he has been known to take the players out for a movie night or forest/bush run/hike/walk instead of scheduled training sessions.

The premise behind this, is that it allows players to switch off or escape (i.e. take mind of footy) and promote mental recovery…

Conversely, Geelong strength and conditioning coach Dean Robinson had all his players hit personal bests in the gym during Grand Final week in 2009, effectively peaking his players for that final game in September. Both techniques yielded phenomenal results i.e both clubs won premierships those years…

Dean Robinson Geelong Strength and Conditioning Coach

Scientific studies suggest that elite coaches have high levels of emotional intelligence, intuition and the ability to read their players and know exactly how to get the best out of them and when to rest them. Advances in sports science, recovery monitoring etc can assist coaches with making these judgements but a highly intuitive coach will often sense it before the scientific data shows it!

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Joey Hayes