USP Athlete Callum Carseldine Grogan medal Winner

USP - Athlete Callum Carseldine, Grogan Medal Winner

USP Athlete Callum Carseldine takes out the Grogan Medal for Queensland State league AFL Best and Fairest! Many people look at the fantastic result and may not have the faintest idea of what Callum has done in order to achieve that phenomenal success!

Overcome a knee reconstruction last year!

Overcome shoulder reconstruction the previous year!

Callum wins the Grogan medal for best and Fairest in the League!

Travelled from Northern Brisbane to train with me USP on the Gold Coast 1-2 times per week for 6 years!

More than 280 training sessions with USP (Which is a record for the most training sessions by any USP Athlete)

10 Strongman Training Camps (he attended the inaugural camp way back in 2008 and has been involved with every camp since as an athlete or special guest coach)

Callum Carseldine and Joey Hayes Deadlift at USP in THE PIT Gymnasium

From all of us at USP Congratulations!

The best is yet to come!

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Grogan Medal Night Wrap

Joey Hayes