What should I do in the off-season

USP - What Should I Do in the Off-Season

One of the most common questions I receive from parents and athletes alike is

“What should I do in the off-season”?

My answer generally shocks them….especially when I tell them to take time off!
Once your mentally re-freshed and re-charged its time to start.

As the old adage goes..”There is NO Off-Season!

USP - There is no off-season
There is no off-season

The Off-season is the perfect time to…
Rehabilitate injuries..
Enhance Flexibility
Build a Bullet Proof Body
Get Bigger..Faster..Stronger..Fitter..and Mentally Tougher…
Play Multiple Sports and Enhance Your skills!
And to identify and Work on your weaknesses!

And Yes we cover all these areas at Strongman Training Camp.

At Strongman Camp you get access to:
Elite coaches with a proven training system that produces world class results!
Meet Professional AFL players that I have privately trained!

All you have to do is come down and train to the best of your ability..the end result is you are physically stronger, fitter and mentally tougher than ever before!

It starts in a 2 weeks time..there’s only a few training places remaining,
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All  the best,

Joey Hayes