Why recruiting scouts love USP Athletes

USP - Why Recruiting Scouts Love USP Athletes

One of the best attributes of USP athletes is extreme professionalism. Take for instance one of our young guns at barely 12 years of age, George Shepherd who was recently accepted into our Junior Elite Athlete Program.

USP - George Shepherd going over his nutrition with Joey Hayes
George Shepherd and Joey Hayes looking over George nutrition analysis

In just 2 weeks he has diet nailed down his nutrition (marks out his nutrition compliancy grid), performs his weekly training homework tasks including flexibility and recovery protocols and that’s why recruiting scouts love our USP Athletes, they know how to eat, train, recover and stay injury free!

USP - Nutrition Score Card
Nutrition Score Card used by USP Athletes to gauge nutrition success!

When USP Athletes get drafted or recruited to professional teams the coaches and high performance staff don’t need to spend 12 months preparing and educating them on what to eat, how to recover or simply how to train and manage their body.

USP - Sam Gilbert, St Kilda AFL Grand Final
USP Athlete St Kilda AFL player Sam Gilbert played AFL within 12 months of arriving at the club!

USP Athletes are ready made to step up and play because they are physically developed and have athletic intelligence and body awareness-they know their bodies and more importantly know how to fuel them, train them and recover!

If you want to learn the secrets of USP Athlete Success Click the link here to check out Strongman Training Camp where athletes learn and experience what is like to train like a professional athlete!

All the best,

Joey Hayes