Natural pre-workout stimulant Guayusa

USP - Natural pre-workout stimulant, Guayusa

Fitness Fact Friday:

The girlfriend of one of my elite athletes said, Joey I can’t train, I haven’t had my pre-workout:?

Excuse me, I said? You know, I can’t train I haven’t had my pre-workout.

Since when do you require a pre-workout every time you train?

On occasion pre-workouts may be useful but beware upon relying on them every session. I prefer to look at other factors involved as to why you require a pre-workout?

Guayusa Tea double the anti-oxidants of green tea and double the caffeine of coffee!

Have you eaten, are you hydrated, did you get enough sleep, did you follow your recovery protocols, are we going through a planned stage of over-reaching?

I rarely recommend athletes consume pre-workout stimulants, as most stimulants stress the adrenals and dig you into a deeper hole..However we do use natural stimulants that are found in found and plants.

One of the great new additions to our pre-workout (if you want to call it that) is Guayusa tea leaf that is a native amazonian tree leaf used by the indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon that has double the caffeine of coffee and double anti-oxidants of green tea. And offers clear focused energy and a naturally smooth taste!

I credit Chucky P for telling me about Guayusa!

All the best,

Joey Hayes