Do today, what others are doing tomorrow

USP - Do Today What Others Are Doing Tomorrow

Do today, what others do tomorrow! Has been one of the most profound coaching philosophies that has had a massively positive impact upon my coaching career.

USP - Robert De Castella Quote

If you look at great coaches of any era they all subscribe to this philosophy to ensure they are ahead of the pack..remember pagans paddock…the zone defence, full ground press, high interchange rotations…all revolutionary tactics back in the day..the same can be applied with elite high performance coaches. 

USP - Defensive Tactics, Zone DefenceI promised strongman was going to incorporate new scientific technologies…used by Elite athletes and professional Sporting Clubs….we’re proud to announce strongman athletes will be utilsing the latest GPS and heart rate tracking technologies to ensure they are maximising their Strongman sessions. This means that we can track your speeds, distance, impact and heart rates to ensure you are getting the desired training effect throughout the sessions! Exciting times ahead!

If you do what everyone else is doing, you’re going to get the same result as everyone else. Click the link to check out Strongman Training Camp to get superior results to your competition!

All the best,

Joey Hayes