No Coach..No Success!

USP - No Coach, no success

Without a coach, very few athletes can succeed..
Most athletes go backwards when they try and coach themselves…
Without a coach, there’s no guidance, no one to cast a critical eye over your technique or your program..

And this is just the way most coaches like it…
At USP we’re different and here’s why..
My role as a coach is to educate and empower the athletes I coach…
I want them to be able understand what they do and why they do it…so when they do move on to the elite and professional level they have sound knowledge of their body (body intelligence) as well as optimal training programs.

Mick Parks is one of our USP Athletes that has continued to progress and go on to achieve great levels of strength and athleticism following his 2 year stint at USP.

Check out the before pics deadlifting 80kgs compare that to the video of him deadlifting 240kgs at a body of 60kgs! No drugs, no powerlifting equipment, just disciplined hard work and focused effort and a relentless thirst for knowledge! I’m proud of you Mick!

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All the best,

Joey Hayes