7 Reasons WHY Exercise programs DO NOT WORK!

USP - 7 Reasons WHY exercise programs DO NOT WORK

The statistics tell us that upwards of 83% of people that undertake regular exercise are not happy with the results they achieve. Through my experience studying hundreds of training and exercise programs around the world for the last 20 years I’ve found that there are 7 key reasons as to why exercise programs fail to yield the results they should!

Here’s the top 7 reasons why most group exercise makes you fatter, unhealthy, causes injury and does NOT product long term results…

1. Lowly Qualified Trainers (After a 6 week course you can call yourself a personal trainer…putting your body and health in the hands of someone so inexperienced is downright dangerous!!)

2. No Assessment (How do you know if you’re training is working and what your body needs if there is no assessment..unless you’re assessing, you’re only guessing!)

3. No Individualisation (Your body is unique with its own strengths and weaknesses, what you need is different from what everyone else needs, especially when it comes to training, if you have an old nagging injury and you’re doing the same thing as everyone else in your exercise class this is a recipe for disaster!!)

4. Incorrect Exercise Type for Specific Training Goals (If you’re only using exercise machines and doing long slow distance cardio in the hope it will improve sport specific football performance, you may not be optimising your training and could inadvertently be increasing your risk of injury.) Caveat-there are always exceptions to the rules.

5. No Program Planning or Progression (Most personal trainers organise their classes or exercise sessions on the run with little thought or planning. One day you’ll go for a run, the next day you’ll do a bodyweight circuit, the next day you might do a few weights. There’s no systemised progression overload, and this is one of the key reasons many clients get injured or fail to get results.

6. Unbalanced Development (Most trainers at BEST only focus on 1 or 2 physical qualities, for example strength and cardio. This is a sure fire way to sabotage your gains. What about developing your flexibility, power and agility and other physical qualities that are relevant for your life. Strength ain’t really that important if you’re in chronic pain with insufficient flexibility and you can barely touch your toes). No nutritional or lifestyle information. Any trainer worth their salt understands that 80% of the results come from nutrition. Yet when was the last time your trainer provided any nutritional information that was relevant. Im not talking about providing you with a meal plan that’s impossible to stick to. I’m talking about basic fundamentals that you can implement immediately into your life for dramatic results. (We call this Minimal Effective Dosage and the Law of Least Effort).

7. No Use of Sport Science Technology and scientific research (Very few trainers understand sports science research-after all you generally only study this at university, most lowly qualified trainers use bro-science or advice they picked up from a bodybuilding magazines and use this information to train themselves and their clients. Taking training information and advice from genetic freaks and those using steroids is akin to taking financial advice from someone who has won the lottery, there information is irrelevant.)

All the best,

Joey Hayes