Injury Prevention or Performance Enhancement

USP - Injury prevention vs peformance enhancement

As a strength and conditioning specialist my number 1 priority is injury prevention…I couldn’t care less what your bench press or squat numbers are especially if you’re chronically beaten up from the training you’re doing and not dominating on the athletic arena.

Your gym numbers are irrelevant. I credit colleague Ian King for sharing this philosophy when I was a young relatively inexperenced coach.

As a young coach my intent was on athletes chasing big gym numbers to justify my position and my services! After gleaning the insights from Ian King arguably one of Australias’ most successful coaches I learned that Injury prevention is king and from that day forward the only thing that matters is on-field performance.

The training we do in the gym and on the field needs to actually transfer into competition. If not, it’s a waste of time.

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All the best,

Joey Hayes