You will play how you train!

USP - You will play how you train

He’s crazy as a cut snake…Lawrie Lawrence..Olympic coach, motivator and philanthropist. Myself and Strongman Elite Guest Coaches Ian Fraser and Neil Makay were fortunate enough to spend lunch with the great man. Naturally the conversation turned to elite human performance…Lawrence supported our philosophy that you will play, how you train!!

My first run in with Lawrence was back in 1998 when my father met him and Lawrie sent us a signed copy of his book Going for Gold.

It relayed the stories of training successful Olympic Athletes Lisa Curry Kenny, Duncan Armstrong and a cast of thousands. It instilled in me a sense of work ethic and discipline, long before the internet was available for a daily dose of inspiration this book inspired me to coach.

Lawrence spoke about Olympic Gold Medallist Cyclist Anna Meares preparation before the London Olympics.

Every single training session Meares training partner would dress up in the English Cycling team colours of blue, blue and white to look exactly like Meares number 1 female competitor British Cyclist and reigning Olympic Champion Victoria Pendleton. Meares had studied hours and hours of Pendletons racing footage and knew she liked to be the front runner, so Meares would sit on her training partners tail during the training sessions and go all out coming from behind to win, which is exactly how she would have to race in the Olympic final if she was any chance to take out the Olympic Gold Medal! History tells us Meares did just that to win Gold over Pendleton at the London Olympics!

USP - Anna Meares, Cyclist Olympic Gold Medal
Australian cyclist Anna Meares with a swag of medals

At our Strongman Training Sessions we train exactly how we play. Every drill is designed to replicate the skills, speed, movement pattern, decision making and spatial awareness, performed under fatigue in a competitive environment which is exactly what is required to improve.

As you will play, how you train!

All the best,

Joey Hayes