Revolutionary Training Suits take Kurt Tippetts performance to another level!

USP - Revolutionary Training Suits take Kurt Tippett's performance to another level

Tippetts’ trials new Exogen technology to take AFL performance to another level!

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AFL Superstars Kurt and Joel Tippett have been trialing over the off-season.

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The new Exogen light variable wearable resistance technology can allow athletes to go where traditional strength speed and performance enhancement training can not!

According to Joey Hayes, strength and conditioning specialist and owner of Ultimate Sports Performance on the Gold Coast, he stumbled upon the Exogen technology 3 years ago whilst consulting with coaches from the Malaysian Institute of Sport.
“Having been at the forefront of sport science for almost a decade, I was blown away by the Exogen clothing-that had small Velcro weights that could mold to the contours and attach to specific areas on the worlds number 1 badminton player. I’d never seen anything like it”…


The latest scientific research suggests, Exogen can enhance speed and power by loading up specific areas of the body where an athlete is weak. What’s unique is the micro loading can be placed anywhere on the body from head to toe and for sport specific movements like punching, running, kicking, jumping and throwing which makes it ideal, for any type of athletes-golfers, cricketers, basketballers, tennis, players, martial artists, soccer players and racing car drivers and was recently used by the All Blacks Rugby Union teams (1.).

According to Kurt Tippett, “I’ve used the Exogen a few times and can feel the difference. You can definitely feel how it loads the body differently especially with the sprinting and kicking”.

Hayes, knows high performance coaches are looking for ways to gain the advantage over their competition. Exogen may just be what coaches are looking for. As far as we know both Kurt and Joel are the first AFL players in the country to adopt this new technology!

The research and our results are promising and we’ll continue to evolve with this game breaking technology. One thing is for certain if it can improve performance by as little as 1% it’s worthwhile, but we believe its going to be far more substantial than that”!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Order the Exogen  Suits?

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So what exactly is an Exogen Suit?

An EXO-skeleton is a specialized, outer layer containing strong, mobile and resistant components that fulfil a number of functional roles including;

  1. Performance enhancement
  2. Protection and support
  3. Proprioception / sensory feedback
  4. Thermoregulation (cooling and heating)

Enhanced Performance

  • Specific speed agility power and reaction
  • Muscular and cardio-vascular endurance
    Muscle potentiation
  • Calorie burning and weight loss
  • Functional ability
  • Body strength and muscle tone

Sensory Feedback

  • Improved movement awareness, skill and technique development
  • Enhanced proprioception
  • Bio-feedback on Heart Rate, energy expenditure and calorie burning, limb and body acceleration / speed / inertia Thermo-regulation

Protection and Support

  • Impact and abrasion protection
  • Lumbar support
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Joint and soft tissue mechanical support


  • Enhanced wicking
  • Improved circulation
  • Optimal evaporative cooling

What do the suits look like?


Awesome stuff!!!

Joey Hayes


  1. Exogen research review. Journal Australian Strength and Conditioning Volume 22 Issue 5 2014.