Who Im hanging out with?

USP - Who I'm hanging out with

One of the athlete expectations we place upon our athletes is critical thought with respect to who they hang out with. Reason being is that psychologists concluded that the results and success you have in your life are directly attributed to who you spend the most time with.

Rather than plaster these pictures all over Facebook or instagram I share these with you my inner circle to let you know who I am hanging out with on a daily/weekly basis to help serve you and provide you with the absolute best elite results in the world and also to emphasise we practice what we preach.

Ash Mahoney-has been our USP Athlete podiatrist for the past 16 years. Ash consults with PGA golfers, The AIS, QAS, elite AFL, Rugby, Soccer and Basketball Teams. A former Australian champion hurdler himself and now speed coach to reigning Olympic Gold Medalist Sally Pearson and the Australian Track and Field sprint team.

Catching up with Ash Mahoney last week going on new athletic assessments to take our athletes speed development to another level!

Ash speed biomechanics and techniques have impacted me significantly and are outlined in our Speed Agility Quickness and Reaction DVD for Athletes. See some of these techniques in action here:

Speed Agility Quickness and Reaction Training for Athletes DVD

Victor Popov-has been at the forefront of physiotherapy and pain management injury prevention and rehab for the last 30 years. Brisbane Lions Coach Leigh Mathews called him the secret weapon during the Brisbane Lions 3 peat premiership years for his ability to keep elite athletes healthy and injury free! Victor has worked with the Russian Olympic team, The AIS, Tour De France Cyclists and the Australian Cricket Team. When Victor talks, people listen! Check out some of the NET Techniques we have been using here.

Joey and Victor taking one of our interstate clients through his NET FN and Physio Assessment

Grant Hayes-is one of 3 neuro performance enhancement specialist in the world-having privately consulted with many elite EPL player, AFL players, Rugby union players, racing car driving teams. He’s been called the secret weapon and is renowned for getting chronically injured athletes, pain free almost instantly. Check out the Functional Neurology techniques here:

Joey and Grant getting their best camera angle and pose for a selfie!!

Michael Artmann is our functional medicine specialist. Hailing from Germany he specialises in pain management, digestion and hormones. Combine Traditional Western Medicine qualifications with cutting edge techniques from Europe and you have yourself one of the most qualified, results driven, functional medicine specialists in the world!

Joey and Michael all thumbs up after the neural therapy treatment!!

Marty A-is one the smartest humans I have ever met. His ability to enhance any human beings psychology, understanding what makes them tick and get the best out of them is renowned. A former USP Executive Athlete and World Champion Water skiier himself-he knows what’s required to be elite!

Marty Ayles another BOB

Brendan N-The art of coaching. They say true wisdom comes from experience. Brendan has been coaching since the early 80’s. His accelerated teaching, coaching and educational insights have impacted how I coach and teach our students in our Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness.

USP - Joey Hayes & Brendan G-Land
Catching up with Brendan on a surf trip to G-land!!

The constant never ending striving for continual improvement never stops! By surrounding yourself with people who inspire, motivate you and drive you to be better just by hanging out with them you can’t help but improve.

All the best,

Joey Hayes