Joey Hayes and USP Athletes Cheat!

USP - Joey Hayes & USP Athletes Cheat

I actually cheated my way to success and Im going to let you guys know how you can do the same…

Success Leaves Clues….

You just have to recognize and identify them…

USP - Dean Robins, David Boyle, Greg Wilsin & a Young Joey Hayes
The washed up meat heads elite strength and conditioning coaches, Dean Robinson, David Boyle, Greg Wilson and a young Joey Hayes attending the ASCA Level 3 Elite Strength and conditioning Coaches Course way back in 2004!!

Elite Strength and conditioning Coach David Boyle success coach said it was 50 years of plagiarism of other coaches work that allowed him to reap the results he produces today!!

All of my most successful clients..ranging from world class athletes to Multi-millionaire business owners all had one thing in common…

They all had a coach……

They all had a mentor….

USP - Brent Staker Mentoring Clay Cox
Former Brisbane Lion AFL Player Brent Staker taking time out from his training session USP to mentor USP Athlete Clay Cox

When you think about it…it makes perfect sense…

If you don’t have guidance how could you ever really reach your could you really ever succeed???

You might get there’ll take a lot longer than replicating someone who’s actually figured it out already and achieved’s like a fast track and short cut to success!

And that’s when my coaching success really took off….

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All the best,

Joey Hayes