Personality profiling for Elite Sports Performance

USP - Personality profiling for Elite Sports Performance

I was listening to a colleague of mine Chucky Poliquin who has trained Olympic Gold medallists in 18 sports. He was discussing the concept of personality profiling to figure out what specific training athletes respond best to. This is revolutionary as previously it would take an elite coach 4-6 weeks to figure out what works best!! Using these concepts and results from personality profiles allows you as a coach to individualise a program immediately for accelerated results.

Joey Hayes and Chucky P

I’ve realised early on in the piece that athletes either respond to frequency, intensity, variety or volume, the challenge was that it usually took between 3-6 weeks to ascertain exactly what type of program the athlete would respond best to.

This is all changed following individualisation based on the personality profile concept.

You have your athletes perform the personality test and you can pretty much be assured with 95% certainty of which training they will respond best to based on their neurotransmitter profile…

According to Braverman the neurotransmitter profile has the largest impact upon an athletes physiology.

Neurotransmitters are  chemicals in the brain that determine how we behave, think and feel. There 4 major neurotransmitters in the brain are Dopamine, Acetyl Choline, GABA, and Serotonin.

The relative dominance and deficiency of each of the Neurotransmitters will vary with each person, which will in turn dictate not only how they behave but also how they respond to training.

Acetyl Choline dominant athletes respond best to variety.

Joel Tippett is a acetyl choline dominant!

Dopamine dominant athletes respond best to intensity.

Kurt Tippett is the quintessential Dopamine Athlete

Those with a balanced Neurotransmitter Profile respond best to volume.

Brisbane Lions Player Dayne Beams has a balanced neurotransmitter profile!

So what about GABA or Serotonin dominant types? Don’t usually have training as a high priority.

All the best,

Joey Hayes