Bad Skin…Pimples…Acne? Read This!

USP - Bad Skin...Pimples...Acne? Read this

Having coached thousands of athletes over the past 16 years, a common challenge is dealing with acne and pimples especially through their teenage years! Not only can it be painful and leave scars for a lifetime, it can wreak havoc on an athletes confidence and self esteem.

I was fortunate enough to study with one of the worlds leading functional medicine experts Sam Queen who was kind enough to share some amazing tips that worked tremendously well every single time without the use of prescription medications.

Here’s the protocols we’ve had our athletes utilise to improve their skin condition.

  • Bathe in baking soda bath for 20mins.
  • Rinse off in shower.
  • Then apply following mixture with palm of hands. 6 capsules of Probiotic One, 2 Capsule of SBC, 6 Capsules Colostoferrin, 3 Tablespoons of liquid zinc sulphate (or grind 150mg tablet of zinc chelate).
  • Pour 1.75 Litres of warm filtered water and mix solution thoroughly.
  • Apply to affected areas and let air dry.
  • Go to bed and sleep with it on.
  • Repeat for 3 consecutive days!

All the best,

Joey Hayes