Joey Hayes Exposed on AFL Fox Footy

USP - Joey Hayes exposed on AFL Fox Footy

Following on from The Gold Coast Bulletins story on USP Athlete and Essendon Recruit Sam Michaels selection, Fox Sports Footy came down to our USP PIT Gymnasium to see exactly what Sam Michael did to arrive at Essendon Footy Club in better physical condition than many of the Essendon players that had been at the club for an entire pre-season!

It’s worth the watch as you’ll see some revolutionary, unique, mind blowing techniques for Strength, speed and power development designed to make you an elite physically dominant, powerful, bullet proof athlete that have never been seen on TV before!!!!

Click the play button to check out the awesome footage of Essendon Player Sam Michael absolutely tearing it up at our facility!!!!!

Joey Hayes Interview on Fox Sports regarding Essendon Recruit Sam Michael Physical preparation at USP Gymnasium