USP Young Gun Breaks World Record!

USP - Young gun breaks world record
11 year old USP Athlete Kobe Cummings breaks Unofficial World Record for Chin Ups

A few weeks ago one of our young gun footballers in our junior elite coaching program broke an unofficial world record in the Chin Ups-11 year old Kobe Cumming busted out 23 chin ups.

Check out the Video below of Kobe’s record.

The videos elicited a large number of questions regarding resistance training for young athletes.

You can check the response below:

Resistance Training Does Not Stunt your Childs Growth or Cause Injuries
One of the biggest concerns well meaning parents have regarding resistance training in young children is the belief that it causes injuries, stunts growth and is detrimental to performance. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, properly designed resistance training programs will reduce your childs’ injuries by increasing joint stability, strength, muscular balance and enhance their performance through increased strength, speed, power and flexibility via neuromuscular adaptations. There is copious amounts of scientific research (check the the references below) and my 16 years coaching 1000’s of youth athletes supports it the performance enhancing benefits.

Want your child to get the advantage over their competition?

Want them to reduce incidence of injuries?

Want them to become more disciplined and develop their work ethic and mental toughness?

Get them involved in some form of structured strength and conditioning training programs!!

Just make sure you find a highly qualified, experienced coach! Click here to check out the vital things you must know before you hire a coach.

All the best,

Joey Hayes


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