How to get the best out of your players?

USP - How to get the best out of your players

One of the cornerstones to successful coaching is the ability to get the absolute best out of your athletes. It’s been my experience that coaches and teachers that connect with their athletes or students get superior results and elite performance in comparison to those that don’t.

Here’s 13 Tips I picked up from an Elite Sports Performance Conference to help you connect with your players!

Joey Hayes providing the best water boy service known to man with Brisbane Broncos player nat Barnes Circa 2011
  1. Be approachable and friendly.
  2. Balance praise with constructive feedback for self performance improvement.
  3. Smile.
  4. 2 way communication & listen to your players.
  5. Be upbeat and enthusiastic!
  6. Match body language.
  7. Ask good open ended questions related to sport or non sport if necessary.
  8. Know your athletes names and use them.
  9. Show empathy (be human).
  10. Find common ground/interests.
  11. Use humour when necessary and appropriately.
  12. Organise drills and activities that players like and enjoy!
  13. Speak in a manner players and athletes understand.

All the best,

Joey Hayes