Shoulder Saver Bench

USP - Shoulder saver bench
Shoulder Saver Bench Press

The SHOULDER SAVER BENCH is a gym apparatus designed to let the shoulder blades move freely allowing an increase in range in pressing exercises.


  • Goal was to make an exercise that was safer for the shoulder blade and the entire shoulder
  • When you press and lay on a normal flat bench, your scapula does not move through the full range
  • The key lies in superimposing a half moon foam roller inside upholstery with Velcro straps – which allows you to move it from gym to gym and on different benches

What is the Biggest Advantage?

  • Allows you to have full range when you do pressing exercises and preserve the health of your shoulders
  • The surface of support is very small, so when you lay your spine on it, it allows your shoulder blades to move back further
  • On the eccentric lowering movement, the shoulder blades move much more freely which allows the elbows to drop further which increases the stretch on the shoulder flexors and in the elbow extensors
  • Initially you may feel unstable, but it will feel natural over time.

The SHOULDER SAVER Bench is SMART tool and and investment in your lifting future to safe guard your shoulders for life!

Where can I get this?
Unfortunately the only place you can get these from is Germany.
You can order them online but they will set you back around $310 excluding shipping and import costs expect to pay another $80-$100 which does not make it economically or commercially viable!!.

Lucky for you I purchased 2 of them whilst overseas and have been blown away by how good my shoulders feel!!

As far as I’m aware I am the only person in Australia to have one of these remarkable pieces of equipment!!

I tell you what all my upper body lifts have gone up-as a result of the SHOULDER SAVER BENCH.

My shoulders no longer clunk, ache and feel like death after a heavy bench session and the only difference has been the use of the SHOULDER SAVER BENCH!
Now you can as well.

If you’re an elite coach, trainer or serious lifter with shoulder problems the SHOULDER SAVER BENCH is ideal!!

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