Channel 9 Exposes Joey Hayes AFL Draft Combine Methods

USP - Channel 9 exposes Joey Hayes AFL Draft combine methods

Awesome to have Channel 9 Gold Coast News down to USP to showcase a little of what goes on behind the scenes at USP. USP Athletes and top 2017 AFL draft prospects Harry Simington and Brayden Crossley putting in the extra work, fine tuning their minds and bodies before their State and National AFL Draft Combine Testing!

Click the video to check out the full video footage and a few NEW things vision, reaction training techniques we’ve never released publicly before…

It’s the mindset of leaving no stone unturned in your preparation that gives you the confidence to know you will perform at your best! If you want to fine tune your mind and body click the link here check out the USP AFL Off-Season Strongman Training Camp.

All the best,

Joey Hayes