Channel 7 Showcasing Brisbane Lions AFLW Star Arianna Clarke USP Coach Mentor

USP - Channel 7 showcasing Brisbane Lions AFLW star Arianna Clarke, USP Coach mentor

Awesome to have Channel 7 down to check out the amazing work Arianna Clarke is doing with our up and coming USP AFL Superstars!

One of the short cuts to success is to learn from someone who has achieved what you aim to achieve.

One of the best ways to fast track your success is through a mentor.

The challenge is to find mentors that are the real deal both on and off the field.

Brisbane Lions AFLW star Arianna Clarke is one of those amazing humans!

We are absolutely thrilled to have Brisbane Lions AFLW star Arianna Clarke mentoring our up and coming USP Athletes at our elite private training facility and at our high performance AFL Off-Season Training Camps for females and males.

Check out the channel 7 news clip to see Brisbane Lions AFLW Player and Legend and Special Guest High Performance AFL Camp Coach Arianna Clarke mentoring and taking some of our future AFL Superstars Piper Phelan and Imogen Evans through their paces at the USP PIT Gymnasium Training facility!

Train with the best to be the best.

5 Reasons why not having a coach or mentor could adversely impact your performance..

  1. If you go it alone, you only ever have your own mistakes to learn from. A coach or mentors’ insight allows you to make better more informed educated decisions regarding your training and performance.
  2. Elite Coaches and mentors have a tried and tested system that is proven to work and produce results-this takes years of study, trial and error and experience to figure out.
  3. An elite coach or mentor typically has an elite network of allied health professionals around them to accelerate your progress if you get stuck or have any performance issues that need to be rectified.
  4. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you hang around with healthy, disciplined, determined, fit athletes then generally speaking their habits and behaviours will rub off on you-ultimately allowing you to achieve your goals quicker (That’s why our Junior Elite and Professional coaching program and High Performance Male and Female Camps work so well). A tribe of like minded people pushing their physical and mental limits week in week out.
  5. Great coaches and mentors keep you accountable and on-track. When you’re required to check in daily or weekly. It keeps tabs on your performance to make sure you are performing the tasks required to achieve your goals. Most people; athletes included start out with great intentions but unless they’re held accountable to someone aka coach or mentor, their best intentions often fall to the wayside.

All the best,

Joey Hayes