Andrew Top 10 One on One Coaching Tips:

USP - Andrew Top 10 one-on-one coaching tips

USP AFL High Performance Camp Special Guests

Awesome to have former Richmond, Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns AFL player; and now Gold Coast Suns Academy Head Coach and One on One Founder Andrew Raines down to impart his wisdom to the tribe members.

Andrew Raines Imparting his wisdom to the AFL High Performance Camp Tribe Members

Click here to read about some of Rainessys’ previous insights. ?? The One on One football coaching platform that was developed by Andrew is a ground breaking idea. That allows footballers to get trained and mentored by former professional AFL players, coaches.

As I have discussed there are 4 key determinants for elite sporting performance.
Physical Qualities-(Strength, Speed, Power, Endurance, agility, flexibility).

Richmond Tigers AFLW Captain Katie Brennan working on her Strength Speed with Trap bar Deadlifts with Chains

Technical Skills-(Marking, kicking, handballing, shepherding, tackling)

Andrew Raines taking one of THE AFL Camp members through perfect kicking technique Circa 2015!

USP High Performance Specialist Camp Coach Trav Marsham One on One Kicking Coaching Analysis Player Feedback.

USP High Performance Specialist Camp Coach Ryan Davis One on One Elite Coaching Handball Skills.

Jason Roebig tackling wrestling coach for elite AFL teams and professional rugby league teams!
Former West Coast Eagle and Gold Coast Suns Player Ryan Davis providing great drills to develop our High Performance AFL Camp tribe members handball skills!

Tactical Skills-(Reading the play, body positioning, game play style (man on man, full ground press), attacking, defending skills)

Brisbane Lions AFLW Coach Brent Staker instructing AFL Camp Tribe members on body positioning during marking contests.

Psychological Skills-(Ability to push through physical pain, confidence, resilience, mental toughness)

AFL High Performance Camp Members gaining insights from leading mental skills performance coaching Amon Woulfe!

We aim to develop all these qualities during our AFL High performance Camp and also bring in specialists in each area to further hone these skills.

What’s great about Andrews on one coaching platform is that it specialises in the technical and tactical skill sets whilst providing mentoring and feedback to players to further develop their psychological skills sets.

Which is the perfect link for what we do at USP In THE PIT with a concerted focus on the physical and psychological preparation and development of our athletes.

Gold Coast Suns Star and USP Legacy Athlete Brayden Crossley Working on his leg drive and tackling on the tredsled at USP PIT Gymnasium!

Andrew Top 10 One on One Coaching Tips:

  1. Work your Weakness-As a youngster growing up Rainessys’ opposite foot was his weakness. he spent countless hours in the back yard with his father working on his opposite foot.

  2. Develop your strengths and turn them into dangerous weapons.

  3. Find a mentor-Andrew spoke about the role a former South Melbourne GM (Later the Sydney Swans) played throughout his AFL Career. Someone that takes an interest you as a person is perfect. Ideally find someone that is not your parent as it can cause conflict.

  4. Look after your mind and mental state-have something away from footy-Andrew used meditation and study to assist with this process.

  5. Andrews beliefs on where the game is going-Modern day footballers need a combination of elite skills, but also elite physical qualities and the capacity to run and endure. A focus on only 1 area is sure-fire recipe for disaster and virtually a guarantee you will not reach your full potential.

  6. Importance of supportive partner-Rainessy’s partner lives a healthy lifestyle and share common interests, is a nutritionist is supportive and encouraging; both on the same wave length.

  7. Look after your body-fuel it with organic food, Rainessy used an anti-inflammatory diet to prolong his career and help accelerate recovery from injury and games. Hydration enhances performance as a 1% decrease in hydration can decrease strength by upwards 15%.

  8. Recovery to get the body right-Throughout the later stages of Andrews career (5 knee operations)-Andrew often couldn’t train until Thursday as it took 4-5 days post match to get the knee to settle down. He used every conceivable recovery tool at his disposal; Ice, compression garments, natural anti-inflammatories, Curcumin and turmeric.

  9. Be able to adapt your game-modify game based on injury and game changes. Rainnessy explained his transition from midfield to defender to defensive forward role.

  10. Rainessy had the privelege for playing for 3 different AFL Clubs-Each club had it’s quirks, differences and advantages (Early in his career whilst he played for the Richmond Tigers he’d regularly play in from of 60k crowds each week at the MCG. Melbourne is the hub of footy so it’s great for developing contacts and networking, although it can be a footy bubble and can be hard to escape the limelight as it is so forty focussed. Whilst playing for the Lions playing Rainessy played with the likes of Simon Black, Jonathan Browne was coached by the likes of Michael Voss and Justin Leppitsch. The Gold Coast Suns was a relatively new club still developing their culture and are now on the path to improved results.

All the best,

Joey Hayes