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3 Dimensional Coaching Model-Capturing the Heart Behind the Jersey!

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to catch up with a former Brisbane Lions Triple Premiership AFL Player, Norm Smith Medallist, Gold Coast Suns Head of Development and Strongman Camp Guest Coach Shaun Hart along with Tim Searl who were presenting a seminar on The 3D Coaching Model.

Mike Sanfatello, Joey Hayes, Dan Britton and Shaun Hart

The 3D Coaching Model proposes that the following 3 Dimensions are required for a coach and to maximise their influence and ultimately experience more success and longevity as a coach, but more importantly allow athletes to achieve fulfilment and their full potential.

1st Dimension Fundamentals (Body-Physicality)
1. Strength
2. Power
3. Speed
4. Cardiovascular Development
5. Repetition
6. Tactics

2nd Dimension Psychology (Body/Mind-Dualism)
1. Motivation
2. Confidence
3. Emotion
4. Team Cohesion
5. Goal Setting

3rd Dimension Heart (Body/Mind/Spirit-Holism)
1. Identity
2. Character
3. Significance
4. Self-Worth
5. Values
6. Purpose

So what results are expected when using the 3D Coaching Model and “Capturing Heart Behind the Jersey”?
1. Learn skills quicker
2. Higher fitness compliance; work harder
3. Shorter rehab time; recover quicker from injuries
4. More adaptable to new conditions
5. Freedom to be creative
6. Deeper relationships
7. Learn life lessons through sport
8. Motivate athletes from within
9. Build Confidence
10. Discover the formula for Team Cohesion
11. Establish Plan to cultivate Character
12. Develop strategies to harness emotions

Triple Premiership Player, Norm Smith Medallist, Gold Coast Suns head of development and Strongman AFL Camp Guest Coach Shaun Hart spreading the word at USP Strongman AFL Camp Circa 2011

“When we recognise that people are three dimensional beings, then not to coach them in all 3 dimensions is, by definition, to not help them become the best athletes they can be.” Mark Hull, 3D Coaching Institute

All the best,

Joey Hayes

(1) Duke J. 3D Coach-Capturing the Heart Behind the Jersey! 2014