Gold Coast Suns Off-Season Training Camps

USP - Gold Coast Suns off-season training camps

Awesome to have the Gold Coast Suns Players down at THE USP PIT Gymnasium over the Off-Season. The old adage goes, “It’s the work you do when no ones watching that counts! Good athletes do what’s expected…Great athletes do the extras and go above and beyond what’s expected.

As a coach you love to see a program and training sessions that are athlete driven. Athlete driven training and programs are a term that describes the process whereby athletes organise their training in other words they are not forced to do it nor is it club sanctioned or imposed. These men have chosen to do this training of their own accord. Impressive!

Click the link above to check out the video of a few of the Gold Coast Suns Most Committed Elite Players going through their first strongman training experience over the off-season!

You can click the link here to read about the benefits of strongman training for athletes.

Click the link here to read the Gold Coast Bulletins article written by Tom Boswell

All the best,

Joey Hayes