Gold Coast Suns Player Alex Sexton Off-Season with USP Pays off Kicks 6 Goals!

USP - Gold Coast Suns player Alex Sexton off-season with USP pays off, kicks 6 goals
Stoked to see Gold Coast Suns player Alex Sexton hard work in the off season pay off rewarded by kicking a bag of 6 goals on Saturday night!
Check out the video below to see a little snippet into some of the early off-season training Gold Coast Suns Gun Alex Sexton undertook during the offseason with Ultimate Sports Performance.
Alex Sexton using the Bamboo Bar with Hanging Band Training Technique in the overhead press followed with accelerated medicine ball overhead marks.
The bamboo bar increases oscillation which increases Core strength and stability requirements of the exercise which aids in force production capabilities/stabilisation from head to toe.
Accelerated Overhead medicine ball marks
aim to:
  • increase overhead marking,
  • enhance finger, grip and hand strength.

Bamboo Bar Overhead Press Benefits Assists with:

  • Shoulder rehab
  • Back rehab
  • Injury prevention
  • Core integration
Transference to AFL Performance
  • overhead marking strength
  • ability to keep feet and body position in marking contests.