Mindset Mastery During A Pandemic Webinar – How To Be The Calm In The Chaos!!

USP - Mindset mastery during a pandemic webinar
As a favour to me…one of the Worlds’ Leading Mindset and Performance Coaches Amon Woulfe agreed to provide our Loyal USP Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Community with a FREE 90 Minute Online Webinar Mindset Session including practical tools and Live Q&A.


Never has there been a moment more critical to have mastery over our mind:

  • Stress and fear are at historic levels.
  • Uncertainty is driving high anxiety.
  • High stress can compromise your immune system.
  • Social distancing can lead to isolation and loneliness.
  • We need to be at our best, not reacting out of irrationality, stress and fear.

While the medical world is guiding us around physical behaviours, we’re not yet addressing the mental side.

We know overwhelm is optional with the right Mindset and Mental Skills.

We’ve been thinking deeply at USP about how we can support you during this time.

The Webinar will cover:
  • How the brain responds to fear, and how to create calm
  • Managing difficult emotions, and staying connected
  • Keeping the mind resilient, and focussed on what it can control
  • Key practices to regulate your stress and immune system
PLUS only for the USP community:
  • Best foods to prevent illness and boost immunity
  • 3-2-2 supplement protocol to prevent viral infections, colds and flus!
  • Sleep secrets for immaculate immunity!
  • How exercise strengthens the immune system!

Remember that our most important tool during times of panic and crisis is our mindset.

PS. We are not selling anything. This is solely to benefit our USP Community.

About Amon Woulfe:
“Amon is a leading mindset expert who works with world class leaders, elite athletes, emergency services and high-performers to excel in high-pressure high-stakes moments” The last video we put up of Amon received the most views, likes and shares of any of our facebook/Instagram posts in the history of using social media. The content Amon shares is elite and he is truly one of the best in the business!
All the best,
Joey Hayes