The Key to Happiness for Athletes!

USP - Trav Coleman the key to happiness for athletes
One of the cornerstones to happiness is growth and progress. For an athlete that may mean; you’ve gotten fitter, stronger, faster, more explosive, muscular, resilient, durable or flexible.
The frustrating thing for an athlete is when they put the work and the work is not rewarded…aka they have nothing to show for it…
The question then is the lack of progress physical or mental?

How do you break thru your performance ceiling?

Do you continue to do what you’ve always done to get what you’ve always gotten?

Conversely, you can do what USP coach and Gun Triathlete Travis Coleman did and seek out specific expertise to overcome your weakness.

Trav Coleman taking out the QLD Triathlon Raby Bay Event last weekend making it 2 races for back to back wins!

Travis Coleman taking out the Robina Triathlon last weekend and smashing his PB’s out of the park and then following it up a few weeks later to take out the QLD Tri Series at Raby Bay!

Well done Trav!!

The best is yet to come!

Joey Hayes